Our Commitment to Quality

Paringa supplies fresh and dry products for export and domestic consumption. In Australia we deliver interstate and extensively throughout New South Wales. You can see our products in more than 50 retail outlets including the popular pet-approved Pet Barn stores. We have hundreds of home delivery customers who love the convenience of our friendly driver knocking on the door every week with fresh food for the family pets.

We develop many of our products with veterinary surgeons and pet nutritionists, tailoring them for individual pet needs. Our targeted products include fresh raw mixes for weight loss and the correct balance for working or racing dogs. Some of the health issues we address are: allergy control; coat condition; arthritis; digestive disorders and bladder and urinary tract conditions.

As a testament to our quality and service, we are official suppliers of all meat products to Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo. Our food is used to feed many of the zoo’s treasured animals, from echidnas and Tasmanian Devils to the magnificent big cats. For these priceless animals, nothing but the best will do, and we are proud to be their supplier.

We also manufacture special mixes for puppies, kittens and adult breeds.

All our customers see the same level of commitment to quality and service in every product we sell and deliver. And they see a level of health and energy in their pets they have never seen before.

Home Deliveries - Sydney

Minimum order $20

$20 – $40 Only $4 Delivery

$40 – $80 Only $2 Delivery

$80 or More Free Delivery

Monday – Inner West, South & Eastern Suburbs

Tuesday – Greater Northern and Greater Western Sydney

Thursday – North Sydney and Lower North Shore

Friday – Inner City and Northern Beaches

Please have your orders in by midnight the day before your delivery day.

Lean Cat and Lean Dog

Our new range of Lean Cat and Lean Dog has been scientifically developed to be the first super low fat, carbohydrate free, Complete and Balanced Meal on the market.

The Paringa Cat’s Delight and Roo Mince for Cats have provided highly nutritious meals for cats everywhere. The flavour of our fresh (never frozen) minces brings the cats back every time.

For Dogs, our range of Paringa minces provides for every nutritional situation. From our Paringa Pet Dinners with Beef, Chicken or Fish to our Diced Roo, Prime Beef,Lamb & Roo,and Chicken Mince. There is a blend to suit your dog’s personal tastes and nutritional needs.

Fresh Meaty Bones

meaty-bonesThe traditional and still the best treat for your dog or cat is a simple, natural bone.

A natural bone provides the ultimate treat for your dog or cat. They are always low in fat, loaded with calcium and the marrow is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and trace minerals. They are the best thing for your pet’s teeth and gums. Remember that a bone must be suited to the size of the animal.

Our range of bones includes chicken necks and chicken wings, lamb necks and ribs, beef brisket and split femurs, kangaroo tails and ribs.

Regal BARF With Complete Mix

Regal BARF With Complete mix – Contains a Biologically appropriate mix of meat, bones, fat, offal, green vegetables, vitamins, essential fatty acids & antioxidants.

Vet's All Natural

Dr. Bruce Symes fully natural range has a wide variety of products, catering for different areas of pet health.
Dr. Bruce Symes has personally formulated the diets, supplements, treats and shampoos to improve the health and longevity of dogs and cats.
The products directly target joint, skin and weight loss problems in addition to improving everyday health.
All products are made from fully natural ingredients.